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185 Ivy Hill Homes sold by the Bakers

Street by street, house by house, year by year. Your neighbors have trusted the Bakers! $64 Million in Ivy Hill Sales. You can't beat knowledge, experience and service!
When we walk into a home for a market analysis, we won't be asking what model you have, the lot size, who built it or when.

We get our clients top dollar in the ever-changing real estate market. It's our marketing, client base, and negotiating savvy that bring you more money.

Whether you're selling today or in a few years, we take the time to give you the total picture needed to obtain top price for your home.Call the Bakers to sell your home.


 Listed and sold by the Bakers (red)   Sold to our Buyers (purple)   (Source MRED LLC Association of Realtors)

*Listings and sales are counted individually by MRED MLS

Appletree Lane

 911 Appletree sold by the bakers714 Appletree Sold by the Bakers
Ernie & Shelia Simms              The Bakers sold Hans & Dian Schultz
sold for full price in 3 days!      home in 1 day to their own buyer.


Bradford Place

2653 N Bradford sold by the bakers
Anne Marie Medema was glad she had the Bakers
sell her home for full price.




Brighton Place
2311 Brighton sold by the Bakers1920 Brighton sold by the Bakers
1905 Brighton sold by the Bakers2619 Brighton Sold by the Bakers     Ed & Bobbi Kelly                           Ken & Ellen Chessick                          Von & Bill Yetzer                            Mike Cox

2007 Brighton sold by the Bakers2619 Brighton sold by the Bakers2306 Brighton sold by the Bakers2104 Brighton Sold by the Bakers

        Jamie & Lara May                     Lonnie & Barb Hoffman          The Bakers sold the Koehler's in 1 day      John & Margie Dobrinski

2024 Brighton Sold by the Bakers
Jean Rezny


Brookwood Lane

 1007 Brookwood Sold by the Bakers1302 Brookwood sold by the Bakers 1019 Brookwood sold by the Bakers 
Bruce & Roberta Evensen                                                                                                                 Natalie Gustavson was thrilled.
have hired the Bakers on all eight
of their moves


Burke Drive

2303 Burke sold by the Bakers2111 Burke Sold by the Bakers2002 Burke sold by the Bakers1916 Burke sold by the Bakers             Mike & Marilyn  Lyons                                         Jason & Donna Raasch                               Don & Lianna Boreman                             Greg & Susan  Miller    

1902 Burke2318 Burke sold by the Bakers2019 Burke sold by the Bakers  2103 Burke sold by the Bakers             Mark &  Coleen Downey                                     Sold in 1 day!                                                Mildred Gorr 2011 sold in a week!               Dave & Leah Rosenthal

2226 Burke sold by the Bakers1923 Burke sold by the Bakers1902 N. Burke Dr.sold by the Bakers2019 Burke sold by the Bakers
Gloria and Carol Deeble                                Kym & John Brunner                                           Tom & Myrna Zoros                                   Sharon Rizzo



Carlyle Place

1934 Carlyle sold by the Bakers1919 Carlyle sold by the Bakers1934 Carlyle sold by the Bakers1928 Carlyle sold by the Bakers   
Deborah Holter                                                 Sold in 3 weeks                                                    Frank & Tami Kinson                          Mark and Barb Mertens


1915 Carlyle sold by the Bakers
Brian & Mary Reynolds


Cherry Lane


910 Cherry sold by the Bakers902 Cherry sold by the Bakers810 Cherry sold by the Bakers802 Cherry sold by the Bakers   
Dan & Jill Eck                                                              Wayne & Judy Veselsky                                    Sold in 3 days                                     Steve & Judy Zeal         
  Inground pool                                                                                               
Sold in mid-winter     



703 Cherry sold by the Bakers     714 Cherry sold by the Bakers
 Jamee & Scott  Falknor                                       Gary & Dorothy Peck
      Sold in 9 days!                              Sold to our own buyer before it hit the market.      

Crabtree Drive

1307 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1118 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1107 Crabtree sold by the Bakers 
    Albert & Lillian Drews                                       Mike & Christine Fitz                                    Kurt Zetner                                                   Phil & Carol Gunderson      

1003 Crabtree sold by the Bakers807 Crabtree sold by the Bakers 707 Crabtree sold by the Bakers707 Crabtree sold by the Bakers            Dominic & Mary Jambrone                            Jon & Bernice Ringler                                Steve & Kristi Pater                                                   

814 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1214 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1311 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1202 Crabtree sold by the Bakers
           814 Crabtree Mrs. Rees                    Tom Maio called the Bakers.                    Albert Drewes property               John and Frank Bianchi called the Bakers.
Robyn had the Bakers sell her mom's home


1119 Crabtree sold by the Bakers914 Crabtree sold by the Bakers1617 Crabtree Sold by the Bakers1929 E. Crabtree Dr. Sold by the Bakers
Lee & Flore Irgang                                              Sue & Irwin Stefan                                        Kevin & Beth Murphy

1839 Crabtree Sold by the Bakers


Crestwood Drive

611 E. Crestwood sold in 5 days by Bakers
Harvey & Anne Stein After 580 days for sale w/another realtor the Bakers stepped in and sold it in 5 days!

Derbyshire Lane


1923 Derbyshire sold by the Bakers        1927 Derbyshire sold by the Bakers
Ask Steve & Kim Ramos about the Bakers


N. Douglas Ave.
2331 Douglas sold by the Bakers
2407 Douglas sold by the Bakers2319 Douglas sold by the Bakers2655 Douglas sold by the Bakers
  Sal & Linda Locascio                                    The Brelsfords                         Bob Andreas                                     Sal & Rosa Yaker   

2619 N Douglas Sold by the Bakers                        

N. Dryden Place

2607 Dryden sold by the Bakers2620 Dryden sold by the Bakers2630 Dryden sold by the Bakers2626 Dryden sold by the Bakers
2607 Dryden                                                                    Bob Wille                                             Estate sale                                           Brian & Laura Golden called the Bakers

2518 Dryden sold by the Bakers
Bill & Martha Golz called the Bakers

Eastwood Drive


1914 Eastwood sold by the Bakers1930 Eastwood sold by the Bakers1903 Eastwood sold by the Bakers2011 Eastwood Sold by the Bakers
Jasper & Linda Hausner                                          Ted & Cathy Bose                                         Ernie Tosto                                        Gonzie Diaz called the Bakers to sell
                                                                              1930 N. Eastwood                              was up for over a year                 her home.
                                                            was sold by the Bakers in 3 days!        w/other realtors. The Bakers sold
                                                                                                                     her home in less than a month.


Hickory Lane

2410 Hickory sold by the Bakers2572 Hickory Sold by the Bakers2573 Hickory sold by the Bakers2410 Hickory SOLD by the Bakers
        The Richters                                                          The Wageners                                                   Jim & Pat Turocy                            Peggy Emerson was thrilled!



Hintz Rd.


723 E Hintz sold by the Bakers729 Hintz sold by the Bakers
Jen Dimeo                                                                      Kathleen & Rob Jacob                                    

Ivy Lane

519 Ivy Sold by the Bakers319 Ivy Sold by the Bakers403 E Ivy sold by the Bakers403 E Ivy sold by the Bakers
        Bob & Darlene Prasse                                    Jack & Barb Edwards                                                                                                 Bonnie Bloomquist                                    

519 Ivy sold by the Bakers615 Ivy615 E Ivy sold by the Bakers514 Ivy Sold by the Bakers
               Mike Schoen called the Bakers                                                                                            Harry Curtis 1988

 210 E Ivy Sold by the Bakers314 E Ivy Sold by the Bakers302 E. Ivy Sold by the Bakers415 E Ivy Sold by the Bakers

                   Selma and Asmir Tiganj                                         Mike & Dana O'brien           



Knob Hill Drive

315 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers315 Knob Hill402 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers
 Sold 3 times by the Bakers!                     Sold by the Bakers!                      Sold again!                                  Ken & Sandy Kashmier


 512 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers510 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers419 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers506 Knob Hill sold by the Bakerrs
    Laura Rosenfeld                    The Bakers sold George Herbert's in 3 days!     Sold in 3 weeks by the Bakers!     The Bakers sold Trent Stintson's home


403 Knob Hill sold by the Bakers512 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers212 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers307 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers

                 Rich & Cathy Oldenberg

Sold by the Bakers406 Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers307 E Knob Hill Sold by the Bakers
John & Anna Incandela                                   Jeff and Amanda Nelson                                 Jim & Kris Gunther

 Milida Court


1207 Milida sold by the Bakers
Gene & Pat Floss Sold for full price by the Bakers!

1109 Oxford Sold by the Bakers1108 Oxford Sold by the Bakers
Kim & John Vautier                              Kristi Melling-Rammel


Peachtree Dr.

1703 E. Peachtree Sold by the Bakers


Pinetree Drive

2031 Pinetree sold by the Bakers2031 Pinetree Drive Sold by the Bakers
The Bakers sold Randi and Allen's home to Mike & Lee Murphy. Then sold it again to Chuck & Kristy Hornaday


Redwood Lane


702 Redwood sold by the Bakers810 Redwood sold by the Bakers810 Redwood sold by the Bakers814 Redwood sold by the Bakers
         Pat & Bill Jason                                           Bill & Judy Hoffman                                                 Mario and Karen Friscella              Jill & Phil Gore       

706 Redwood Sold by the Bakers


Spruce Terrace


2003 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers1923 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers2015 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers2015 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers 

Ken & Cindy Starzyk                                                                                                                    Mark & Sue Saylor                                        Paul Guida & Shirley Kubiak

 1917 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers2006 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers1912 Spruce Terrace Sold by the Bakers
            Shirley Wuerth was glad she
                     called the Bakers


Stuart Drive

    2624 Stuart Drive Sold by the Bakers2627 Stuart Drive Sold by the Bakers2615 Stuart Drive Sold by the Bakers
         Sold in 3 days!                                                      John & Stacy Buckner                           Brian & Eileen Goodmiller


 East Suffield


1207 Suffield sold by the Bakers907 Suffield sold by the Bakers1218 Suffield sold by the Bakers1311 Suffield sold by the Bakers
Joe & Mikie Lamanta's home                           Kurt Radtke tried by-owner                               Stuart & Carol Breitberg                           SOLD in 4 Hours!
 sold by the Bakers in 3 weeks!             then called the Bakers to get his home sold.

711 Suffield sold by the Bakers
Heidi and Dan May


Thorntree Terrace

603 Thorntree Sold by the Bakers719 E. Thorntree Sold by the Bakers706 Thorntree Sold by the Bakers706 Thorntree sold by the Bakers
Gene & Elena Griffin                                        Dan & Michele Gillis were                                    Lou & Heidi Wettermann's home           Tom & Mary Anne Collins
                                                                        elated when the Bakers sold their
                                                                              home in 5 days in 2011


Valley Lane

307 Valley sold by the Bakers 306 Valley sold by the Bakers302 Valley Sold by the Bakers402 Valley sold by the Bakers           307 E. Valley duplex                                               Terry Keen                                                                                    


610 Valley sold by the Bakers610 Valley Sold by the Bakers502 Valley sold by the Bakers711 Valley sold by the Bakers
 Anne Marie & Dave Gerhert                     Angel & George Hyland               Bonnie Bloomquist used the Bakers      Meryl & Tom Slanika's home was sold
                                                                                                                                                                          by the Bakers in a triple offer

1109 Valley sold by the Bakers919 Valley Sold by the Bakers907 Valley sold by the Bakers607 Valley sold by the Bakers
Bob & Carol Lestina                                      Angel & George Hyland                                                Elaine Looft                                            Sold in 10 days!

402 Valley sold by the Bakers1305 Valley Sold by the Bakers414 Valley sold by the Bakers1305 Valley sold by the Bakers
                                                          The Brelsfords made this a showpiece                                                                   Dan Reuben

607 Valley sold by Bakers 1011 Valley sold by the Bakers911 Valley sold by the Bakers706 E Valley Sold by the Bakers
    Sold by the Bakers                                   Roni & Bill Van Buren                          Rob & Terri Pecora                             Marisa called the Bakers.

419 E Valley Sold by the Bakers421 E Valley Sold by the Bakers702 Valley sold by the bakers
Jim & Barb O'Brien called the Bakers                                                                Dan & Marilyn Vasquez

East Vargo

1112 Vargo Sold by the Bakers1112 Vargo sold by the Bakers
  Pat & Dave Kirkpatrick                      Brian Masterton called the Bakers.
were very happy the Bakers sold their
home in less than a week!


East Waverly

1102 E. Waverly sold by the Bakers1011 Waverly sold by the Bakers1006 Waverly sold by the Bakers1106 Waverly sold by the Bakers 

           Laura Heissel                                                          Bob Nash                                               Greg & Susan Miller                                   Betty Ripp

 610 Waverly sold by the Bakers1307 Waverly sold by the Bakers706 Waverly sold by the Bakers1210 Waverly Sold by the Bakers     
      Jeanette Urbain                         Mike & Carol McCarthy                    Beth Razook called the Bakers       Bill & Kathy Kozlowski set a record

923 Waverly Sold by the Bakers811 East Waverly Sold by the Bakers1609 E. Waverly Sold by the Bakers1011 Waverly Sold by the Bakers
Mary Irene Bragiel called the Bakers!        Jim & Maggie Larson called the Bakers!     Yvonne Shanahan called the Bakers!        Tony White called the Bakers!



$64,102,000 Sold in Ivy Hill


Berkley Square homes sold by the Bakers

508 Brittany sold by the Bakers19 Burr Oak sold by the Bakers2627 Chestnut sold by the Bakers103 Hintz sold by the bakers
 The Evensens                                              The Evensens                                                              The Whitmars                                     Ramos family

506 Kingsberry Sold by the Bakers2559 Ridge Sold by the Bakers d Sold by the Bakers15 Suffield Sold by the Bakers
Bagde family                                                           Schulstad family                                  Pater family                                     Andeen family

  2535 Walnut sold by the Bakers  230 Tanglewood Sold by the Bakers2630 Berkley Square Sold by the Bakers2808 Berkley Square Sold by the Bakers
Hilda Muenning                                                    Gerry Kowalczyk                            The Bakers got Katie Otto through         FIl and Melissa Dudic
                                                                                                                                                a tough transaction

506 Bur Oak Sold by the Bakers2571 Berkley Square Sold by the Bakers903 Berkley Sold by the Bakers
Mike & Peg Ludy                                                  Frank & Noriko Sugano                                                       


Bill & Linda Baker
Your Ivy Hill experts - No one knows it better.
No one sells more homes in Ivy Hill, period.


Street by street, house by house, year by year. Your neighbors have trusted the Bakers!





Call us for an update on Ivy Hill homes for sale.

2008 Home Sales in Ivy Hill
highest sale price in each category were homes sold by the Bakers!
25% of 2008 Ivy Hill homes sold were by the Bakers!

9   Splits & Tri-levels   $294,500 -  $490,000

2   Ranches $342,000 - $490,000

9   2 -Stories  $375,000 - $575,000


2003 Home Sales in Ivy Hill

13   Splits & Tri-levels   $263,000 -  $420,000

2   Ranches $336,500 - $435,000

8   2 -Stories  $352,000 - $635,000


                                                   2002 Home Sales in Ivy Hill

12   Tri-level    $279,000 - $411,000

3   Ranches $277,000 - $390,000

13   2 -Stories  $292,000 - $440,000


2001 Home Sales in Ivy Hill

12   Tri-levels    $255,000 - $365,000

4   Ranches  $278,000 - $415,000

6    2-Storys  $295,000 - $467,000


           2000 Home Sales in Ivy Hill

12  Tri-levels  $236,000 - $340,000

7   Ranches $186,000 - $420,500

6   2-Storys $287,000 - $395,000

Call us at 847-255-9346.  We're easy to talk to. Sale prices estimated a few months ago aren't the same as today.  While the real estate market doesn't show the volatility of the stock market, it DOES change.  And it is changing.  Our years as realtors have made us acutely aware of the indicators of change, and we pride ourselves on keeping loyal clients abreast of what we see "coming down the pike."  Newspapers, on the other hand, are several months behind on their reporting of changes, especially locally.  So whether you're thinking of buying or selling, check with us for the current status of the market and prices.

Looking near and far?  We cover just about every suburb as well as some parts of the city.  No matter where you're thinking of buying, we can help.  We've had clients from as far away as Berwyn, Chicago, Naperville, Crystal Lake and Lake Forest.  

*All homes sold in cooperation with the MLSNI. Listings and sales counted in the total of 130 homes sold, also homes sold twice and 3 times are counted.


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